Neighborhood Nerd's goal is;
To be your one source for all your small business needs.
If Neighborhood Nerd does not have what you need, It's likely a partner does.
A partnership flourishes when all partners have the same drive toward the goal.
Rapid Systems
Are your business locations disconnected? Regardless if they are across the parking lot or across country A secure connection between locations can be achieved with a small business's budget.
Neighborhood Nerd has been using Rapid Systems industry experts in Internet access and wireless point to point technology since 1999, providing our customers with a stable private secure network between multiple locations.
Rapid SystemsAll businesses regardless of size need a stable and flexible commun-
ication system. The days of a phone line and answering machine are over.
Neighborhood Nerd's partnership with VRT gives our customers the advantage in the communication industry to seamlessly combine all communication channels into one streamlined system bridging the gaps between voice, video, and data communication.
Remove that old phone machine and wiring mess from the backroom wall. For enhanced voice communication experience, just plug a VoIP phone into any internet connection and talk.
A unique partnership between Neighborhood Nerd and PressONE give our customers a seamless integration of VoIP technology into the small business network and one source contact for support services.
Hospitality WiFi
Why subject yourself to supporting the wireless network and all the devices your guests bring with them?
Hospitality WiFi provides customized support for your guests' wireless devices on your WiFi network. If Hospitality WiFi determines there needs to be an on-site visit, Hospitality WiFi will contact Neighborhood Nerd directly instead of passing the responsibility on to you or your employee.