It's 8:10am, your next appointment awaits!
The phone is ringing, quotes need finishing,
the printer is beeping, lights are flashing, and
there's an error on the computer screen.
We know how frustrating owning a small business can be!
Let us help!
Small Business Owners. Ask yourself
-Who has control of my computer system?
-What software is best for me?
-What is my Internet presence?
-Who can help me with ...?
-Am I compliant with all the new data protection standards? "HIPAA, PCI,..."
-How much time do I lose fixing my own computer system?
-What will I do if the computer system fails?
-Are my backups in good condition and up to date?
-Is there a better phone system for me?
Neighborhood Nerd is owned and operated by a Microsoft Certified Network Engineer and Administrator with over 17 years experience in the small business industry. Neighborhood Nerd can help you with many of the small business administration tasks not only the computer system. If you have a question or need some help, we are here for you.