A reliable and stable system uses high quality products!
Feel assured when purchasing from Neighborhood Nerd, you are receiving name brand products from an authorized reseller and/or partner with full vender warranty and support.
We work hard to maintain our reseller and partnership status!
Customized desktops and servers to fit your needs.
We offer HP, IBM, Lenovo, and clone systems.
Pro Workstation
Windows 7 or 8 pro
With Office 2013
Clean install, no trial software!
Foundation1-15Starter server - LIMITED
Essentails1-25Great for a Small Business
Standard5- ~Corporate system
Extend the office's communication boundaries!
Anywhere there’s an internet connection. You’re connected. Office computer, cell phone, public computer in the hotel lobby. Access any item in your Outlook; contacts, appointment calendar, email, and task.
"VoIP" Telephone Service over the Internet
AvayaTie multiple location into one phone system, work from home answering your office extension, receive voice mail by email, and much much more. VoIP is the solution!Cisco
Neighborhood Offers On-Primise and Hosted VoIP systems